All is not lost …

I have started to wonder if in the place of creating space for the things I find hard, to think about them, think through them, cry about them, get angry with them and start to talk about them whether the grief of what I face begins to look and feel different. Where in fact I can find opportunity in the very thing that has caused so much pain to see a way forward and have the chance to learn more of who I am, why I am here and ultimately where I am going.

Purpose in Process

Lastly process is a place of growth. We all want the growth without the cost. Cost of taking time out to deal with things, of facing realities we would rather avoid, taking the hard conversations, re visiting the difficult relationships, bringing issues into the light that others would rather ignore or hide or choosing to fight for the things in our lives that matter even if it costs us.

Becoming mum…failure is part of the game.

Being a mum wasn’t something I spent my childhood looking forward to, dreaming about or wanting.   To be honest I didn’t ever think much about becoming a mum. I have never felt particularly ‘motherly’, whatever that is meant to mean. I used to believe that to be a good mum you needed to feel ‘motherly’. I believedContinue reading “Becoming mum…failure is part of the game.”