A little bit about me…

My name is Bridget Sunderland and I am married to Tom. We have two kids, Josh and Esme and live just north of Aberdeen in Scotland. My background is in youth work where for the last twelve years I have worked for secular, charity and church based projects. During my time as a youth worker I started to see the need to establish a space for young women to hear and know their value and importance as children of God.

Diamonds Scotland therefore was set up as a charity with a view to support young women know their identity in Christ. It has been during the time working with young people that God started to challenge myself and Tom about what church looks like for those who wouldn’t normally go to church.  Over a number of years God gave us a vision about starting a church planting movement in the North East of Scotland that reaches small rural communities where there is no alive church.

Village Church was therefore started in Oldmeldurm with some other great people where we live in September 2019. I have the privilege to be part of the Forge Scotland team equipping pioneers like ourselves to plant churches and missional projects as well as sitting on the board of trustees for Reign Ministries an organization that trains and equips youth workers.  

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