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Hello, my name is Bridget Sunderland and I wanted to create a space to share some of the real and honest things that come with the craziness of family life and the journey of ministry.

This is never going to be a neat, shiny or particularly well written blog as I sadly don’t have the time or expertise in this area. I have however, felt challenged to create a space to be honest about the journey of learning to be a mum, of trying to find the right balance to family life, whatever that is as well as to create a space to share the lessons learnt in church planting for the first time, the challenges faced in this process and how as a women I am learning to navigate this mindfield.

Raising Hope is about learning that out of brokenness God brings healing, restoration and raises from the ashes, new and beautiful things. This is both true for my own life as God brings healing out of brokenness, as I try to raise hope for my family and children as well as the story that God is rewriting in raising hope in the church where things have declined, been forgotten or have died. Out of the ashes God brings new life, from the mess he brings order and from wounds he brings healing. This is a space dedicated to being honest about this process and to bring hope to others that in their mess like mine, God is raising hope for new life and beautiful things. 

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